Making a blog and spreading the word

One of the things we want to do during this trip is to tell everyone else how fantastic our lives are!!! 😉
Well not really…. we just want to be honest and tell stories from the road. Both the good and the bad. But how is this done the best?

We have a few ideas and one of them is making a website ( where we can easily post pictures and write about our trip.
Also its a great way to help others who are thinking about getting out there and try something new.

I have spend days and most likely weeks browsing on other peoples online blogs and websites. I have been writing down all the cool places I also want to visit and also all the good advice there is to find. Now its time to give a little back.

on our earlier travels we have made a simple Google blog it was great to keep the family updated and an at the same time make a diary for our selves.
This time we want to take it one step further. A more professional looking website with a blog, galleries, maps and lots a great advice.
If I had known how much time it would take to make I would most likely have gone with an easier solution, but, now I am knee deep and there is no turning back.

Step 1

Find great name for our trip and find an according website address.
We came up with Less Is More. You can read more about why in our about us section.

Step 2

try and make the damn site!!
After doing a little searching on Google and seeing what other travelers have choosen I also decided on a WordPress website. And for several reasons.
I could make the website look really nice and have all the things I wanted. But the most important feature for us is proberly that it is possible to write our posts offline, add pictures and everything and then when internet is availible, upload to the website. Pretty cool.

Step 3

Except I am nowhere near smart enough to make the geeky stuff and finde a friend who knows how to write code and make a website from scratch. It took a while a through a friend, who knew a guy, I finally found someone who would work for pennies and lay the groundwork. He did a the fancy stuff so I “only” have to maintain and add blog posts and pictures.

Step 4

Share… Pretty important I think. That is why I have made an online precense on all the major socialmedia sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.
The plan is to share on these sites every time a new blog post is uploaded AND people can share our site on the same sites.

building_a_website Making a blog and spreading the word

Step 5

Start making updates. That is easier said than done. In my experience its really hard to keep a blog updates while on the road. Especially if you have both an english blog like we had on and our danish blog. That is why this time the blog will only be in english. Most of our family at home can read english, and if not we will add simple google translate option on the blog. Its not great but its enough to be able to understand what is going on.

NOW… feel free to browse the different pages and posts on our site and hopefully you will not only read some funny stories and see some nice pictures but also learn a little at the same time.

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