First aid

When going on a long trip where you might end up far away from cities and medical help we figured it would be important to get updated on our first aid skills. We have been learning first aid before. Actually been on a few courses but getting updated and trying out our skills once more seemed like a good idea. We decided to go for the extended course. It was two days over a weekend with 6 hours every day.
Day 1 was artificial respiration and chest compressions. It was really good feeling learning what to do in a critical situation.
Day 2 was mostly about about how to stop bleeding and stabelize broken bones. The course was part classroom educations and part simulations. Both in the classroom but also more real life situations like a fake carcrash. 

IMG_20161119_131443_thumb First aidIMG_20161120_121124_thumb First aid

Anyways…. it is very important to know first aid and I think EVERYONE should take a first aid course. Not just if you are going traveling but you learn important skills to help those around you every day.

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