Going on a journey to far away places demands a lot of planning and one of the this on our to do list was getting the right vaccinations.
We started by checking out a few websites to read about what was need to have and what was nice to have.. As it turned out most vaccinations was NEED to have and only a few nice to have.
It is also important for us to know about recent outbreaks in the areas we want to travel to. To do that we have been keeping us updated on
WHO also has more information about each country at this link:

The CDC is also an important source of information and everyone should regulary check in:

To know witch veccinations we should get we read about the different countries on this site:
We decided to the following shots:

Hepatitis A

Hapetitis B


Yellow fever


and finally a vaccinations you have to drink that should prevent an upset stomach and make sure you dont get hit by Salmonella
We skipped rabies since the only difference is that is you get bitten by an animal you will have 48 hours instead of just 24 our before you have to see a doctor a get a new rabies vaccine.

Instead of going to our own doctor we decided to contact a local company that specialize in vaccinations. This I can recommend since when we booked the appointment they asked all about where we were going and they made sure they had all the right vaccinations on hand when we got there.
Getting the vaccinations was pretty cool It did hurt a little but all the information we got from the nurse was well worth it.

IMG_20161118_125022_thumb Vaccinations

We also did get a few doses of malaria pills for when we get into areas where it will be needed.


So make sure to do your own research and make sure to get the right vaccinations for where you are going.

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