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We have been planning this next big trip for a long time! and have been saving up for even longer.
These last few years I (Esben) have spend countless hour reading travels blogs, watching YouTube videos and daydreaming about traveling around the world. For some reason I always ended up on blogs about Central and South America. Not that I have any special relationship with any of these countries. Never been there and don’t really know anyone who has. Slowly an idea formed……. A BIG IDEA…!!!
The idea made us sell our apartment a few months ago and since we have been renting a room at a friends house. We have sold pretty much everything we own that could not be packet down on our parents attic. Everything of value is pretty much sold to fill our piggy bank.

Our travel background
We have been traveling a lot in north America. In all about 30.000 miles in USA and Canada, even did a trip from San Francisco to Alaska. All this we have done on our trusted DRZ’s and a tent so why not keep doing what really works for us.
To read more about our earlier trips on motorcycles you can check out this page:

On January 11th 2017 we will arrive in Oakland CA. From there ride south until we cant go any further or get sick of talking Spanish (which we cant really speak anyways wlEmoticon-smile Almost ready ) If the budget holds up and we still feel like staying on the road we will ship to Australia to see the big rock in the middle and fight some kangaroos. Again if we feel like it and there is still a few pennies on our bank account our dream is to ride the bikes home to Denmark. Eat some sushi in Asia, try not to hit any cows in India and ride across the vast empty areas of the “Stans” until we finally hit Europe again. It would be REALLY REALLY cool to cross the border on two wheels.

Back to the plan or lack there of…….
In California we have some amazing friends (You know who you are) and we still store all our camping gear and old bikes close to a city called Placerville in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Our plan is to find 2 new or (if we can) 2 slightly used Suzuki DRZ400S motorcycles (IF YOU KNOW OF ANY DRZ’s FOR SALE, LETS US KNOW). Then steal all the good parts from the old bikes. Stuff like luggage, large gas tanks, kickstart kit and other gadgets. 
This way we should have two fully equipped bikes fairly cheap since we already have much of the stuff needed. We know the bike, what tools and parts to carry, how to fix most things on the bike AND its pretty much the only dual sport model where we can ride the same model due to one of us having rather short legs wlEmoticon-winkingsmile Almost ready

Anyways…. when we are ready we will head south to Mexico and the Baja peninsula and from there…. well…… we haven’t really planned that far but that is where our “bucket list map” comes in.

The bucket list map is our collections of destinations we have found interesting and would like to see  all over the world. Its things that we have seen on TV, heard others talk about or read about online. All that have made the list are right now beeing added on a map here on our website:

bucketlistmap Almost ready

So we will take a look on the map, see where we want to ride to. We are in no rush and want to take our time to explore and really get a chance to experience the people and the culture. One the thing that are very important to us is to meet YOU.
We really love to learn how YOU are living you life. From how you hang out at home or how you job is. You might think its just another day at work but for us its a whole new experience. So please show us, lets us be a part of your life for a few days in all its daily routines. We think we get so much more out of our stay in any location, when having a local guide to help us really experience and appreciate a new place.

We would love to share stories from our life and our travels, or show you how we live our lives in Denmark with our family and friends. So if you think we could end up near your place and you would like us to visit then please let us know.

So in just a few days the adventure begins and we would like you to be a part of it… So please like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, Instagram,  or just bookmark our website.
The more of you that follow out adventure the more fun it is for us to spend time (and it does take A LOT of time) to make blog updates to share pictures and stories.
We will do our very best to keep this blog updated, make gear reviews and as we learn about borders and paperwork write about planning the might help others.
On our front page you can always see where we are (NOT WORKING YET) and where we plan to go over the next weeks.

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