Initial thoughts on the Touratech Aventuro motorcycle helmet

For our trip I chose the Touratech Aventuro motorcycle helmet in size XS (53/54 cm = 20,87/21,26 in), weight 1350 grams – it is super light. Esben those the same, but in a size S (55/56 cm = 21,27/22,05), weight 1380 grams.

P1240140  P1250147

My head measure was 54,7 cm (21½ in) and my previously helmet was a Shoei Hornet DS size XXS, which is really tight and to tight for spending a hole day on the motorcycle. I was not able to find the helmet in a size XXS and I wanted something that was really comfortable. Still the width of the Aventuro helmet felt to big, but the height felt perfect. The helmet comes with a “foam replacement kit” (2 mm and 4 mm, but they seem thinner) for a perfect fit of the helmet to the shape of the head (my head Flirt female). First take out the existing padding – it is easy and it took me less than a minute. Second – there is no actual manual how to put in the extra padding, but I placed one in the back and one in each side (the three pads in the left picture). After that I placed one in each side by the chin (the pad in the bottom in the right picture). I cut a small piece of, so it would fit better.

P1240136  P1240137

Third – put the existing padding back. It only took me 3-4 minutes. It worked out really well, and it now feels like the helmet is “hugging” my head in a good way. In the upper right picture between the two pads, you see a round foam pad – the helmet is already prepared for the SENA 10R headset, which I will install later and tell you all about it.

Even the chin pads are prepared for the headset



Next I installed the pinlock anti fog visor. Take the visor off the helmet by moving the lock from horizontal (left picture) to vertical (right picture). Move the visor all the way to the top and pull to release – it is easy and the manual show great pictures of how to do it.

P1250150  P1250149

Then I straitened the visor and placed the pinlock visor between the two existing pins on the visor. I really liked the existing pins, because it is really hard to drill the holes in the right place by yourself (I tried that on my Shoei helmet. The fit was perfect Thumbs up and I put the visor back into place. The protective film is still on the pinlock, and I will remove it when I go on my first ride with my new helmet Smile.


The last thing was to prepare the helmet for quick straps by applying the quick strap support on the helmet.

P1240141  P1240146

We will make a more extensive review of the Touratech Aventuro helmet later on when we have used it for a while.

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