Installing the SENA 10R Bluetooth headsets


YES – I am a woman, and that’s why I started reading the 10R Quick Start Guide “Installation”. The installation guide were seven pictures and it didn’t really help me that much. I had a hard time figuring out what all the things and patches were for and if all the parts where there.


Put it all out on the table… – hope you like the tablecloth Smile with tongue out


And a big thanks to Mads Skyttegaard, CEO of the Danish Touratech department, for e-mailing pictures of his installation of the SENA 10R. The pictures made the installation easier, and that’s why I have been taking pictures during the installation – FOR YOU Smile. The TOURATECH Adventuro helmet is already prepared for installing the SENA 10R, which made it easy to make the intercom fit into the helmet. If the helmet is not prepared, you have to make room for the speakers.

Room for the speaker in the TOURATECH Adventoru helmet


After installing the speaker (right and left side look the same)


Mounted the SENA unit on the left side of the helmet. I put two of the red patches underneath the unit (left picture), to make sure that it could stick to the slightly uneven surface of the helmet (right picture).

P2090057  P2090058

After that I installed the wired microphone into the indentation of the beak of the helmet.

P2090054  P2110074 (2)

Our previous SENA intercom headset we have installed the boom microphone, but this time we will se how the wired microphone picks up the our conversations. I connected all the wires as described in the 10R Quick Start Guide, which was easy. I could easily hide all the wires underneath the patting, and in the back the battery could slide in just underneath the shell of the helmet. If you can’t hide the battery it is possible to mount it on the outside of the helmet (picture 6 of the installation guide picture).


At the end… this I what I had left (left picture) and this is what I started out with before the installation (right picture). Bringing the boom microphone and a few patches with us on the road.

P2090065  P2090049

INSTALLING QUICK STRAP FOR GOGGLES: Do you need goggle when you have and a TOURATECH adventuro helmet/dual sport helmet? – WELL… The goggle can be used as sunglasses, they take a lot more dust when you are on gravel roads and it helps with my allergy (less scratching and red eyes). I LOVE MY GOGGLES Hot smile. The quick strap is just a nice gadget, which makes it a lot easier to take them on and off – especially if you meet the coops.

The Velcro is slightly bigger than the clip on and fit on the right side of the helmet. If you want to mount the velcro on the left side (depends on you own preference) cut a little bit of the velcro patch.

P2090033  P2090034

Clip on your goggles


My goggles is a junior dessert model from Oakley, which is very easy to fit in the helmet. I have a dark lens, which is perfect for riding in the sun, but bad after sunset. This is how it looks of and on:

P2090043  P2090044

The best thing is, that I can close the visor for the wind, when I am still wearing the goggles


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