Preparing the big adventure

We have now spend one month in the cabin preparing for our big adventure. It has been a combination of ordering stuff on Amazon, going into town (Placerville) to get stuff at the Hardware store and keeping you updated. To get started I bought a big cup of coffee at a café in town, which had free Wi-Fi so I could post more on our website for all of you.

P2010161_thumb Preparing the big adventure

Douglas took us to town one day after the rain had been pouring down for days. First it floated the road just a few miles from the cabin… almost took out the mailboxes!

P2100030_thumb Preparing the big adventure  P2100033_thumb Preparing the big adventure

But that was nothing! The rain have had a big impact on the river…

P2100034_thumb Preparing the big adventure  P2100037_thumb Preparing the big adventure

After we crossed the Mosquito bridge there had been a landside on the other side leaving mud on the road. The road workers was already clearing out the road…

P2100039_thumb Preparing the big adventure  P2100045_thumb Preparing the big adventure

California has been hit by a drought for the last 4-5 years. It is over now and all the reservoirs are full. In Oroville just north of here 200,000 people have been evacuated because the Oroville dam can’t keep up with all the water. Right now the situation is under control, but it is suppose to rain the next three days. Know one knows what is gonna happen…wlEmoticon-stormcloud Preparing the big adventure

It takes about 30 minutes just to get into town (Placerville) from the cabin, so we bought lunch for the three of us at The Old Grill in Placerville. I went for the Earth burger (vegetarian) and the boys went for the Elk burger – with elk meat wlEmoticon-smilewithtongueout-2 Preparing the big adventure. It was perfectly cooked and the flavor was amazing. We can also recommend the gluten free bun for the burger, which is homemade.

P2100056_thumb Preparing the big adventure  P2100058_thumb Preparing the big adventure

Esben making out with his burger – He even has a “I wlEmoticon-redheart-1 Preparing the big adventure burger” t-shirt, which he had put on for Valentines day. What a romantic boyfriend I have wlEmoticon-redheart-1 Preparing the big adventure

P2100059_thumb Preparing the big adventure  P2160115_thumb Preparing the big adventure

Love the decoration of the restrooms at The Old Grill – do you know which one is the Ladies and which one is the cowboys?

P2100052_thumb Preparing the big adventure  P2100053_thumb Preparing the big adventure

After a nice lunch… and spending money in the local Hardware store, we headed back on Mosquito Rd, but we didn’t get all the way back… The rain had been making a big cave underneath the road just before crossing the Mosquito Bridge, and it was just a matter of time before the road would collapse. The road was closed!

P2100069_thumb Preparing the big adventure  P2100072_thumb Preparing the big adventure

Oh no… We had to drive back to town and take Rock Creek Rd back to the cabin. After one hour we was finally back at the cabin – Thanks to Douglas and his driving skills.


Super bowl was on the 5th of February. For our Danish family: Super bowl is the final game in American football season. We were invited to the Osterkamp Residence (Douglas’s parents) to see the game and have dinner. To make it a perfect Super bowl, we needed the perfect snacks.

Preparing for Super bowl – Dough for American cookies made by the Danes!

P2040162_thumb Preparing the big adventure

Freshly baked cookies and apple pie with vanilla ice cream – WATCHING THE GAME

P2050005_thumb Preparing the big adventure

Do you want the recipe? Just post a comment wlEmoticon-thumbsup-1 Preparing the big adventure

Well cookies and apple pie wasn’t enough. We had to do it the American way, so Douglas turned on the BBQ and grilled a lot of chicken legs.

P2050003_thumb Preparing the big adventure

Esben was in heaven – cookies and BBQ chicken legs – it doesn’t get better than that!

P2050011_thumb Preparing the big adventure

Many of you have probably seen the game, but for you that didn’t… It was Atlanta Falcons against New England Patriots. It was a great game and for the first time in history the Super bowl went into overtime. Everybody was very excited – even the dog almost didn’t dare to see it –> hiding behind the couch with Douglas’s sister.

P2050020_thumb Preparing the big adventure

In the overtime the Patriots scored a touchdown and the dog was cheering. New England Patriots won the Super bowl 2017!

P2050021_thumb Preparing the big adventure

Thanks for a great Super bowl day with good friend wlEmoticon-redheart-1 Preparing the big adventure


  1. Gail Knudsen

    Hej Camilla, jeg elsker at kunne følge med på jeres eventyr og vil ønske jer alt held og lykke med det ?
    Og ja tak til opskriften ???
    Kh Gail

  2. Recipe for American cookies – made by the Danes (danish edition is on our facebook side:

    7 oz salted butter
    3/8 cup of white sugar
    ¾ cup of brown sugar
    2 eggs
    0,5 tsp salt
    1 tsp vanilla sugar
    3 tsp cinnamon
    1 tsp baking soda
    2 cups of all purpose flour (for gluten free use gluten free all purpose flour)
    1,5 cup of oats
    2-3 tbsp of milk (use if dough is too dry)
    2 cups of chocolate chips (60 % cocoa)
    ¾ cups of chopped walnut/pecans
    ¾ cups of cranberries (slightly chopped)

    Mix: soft butter, white and brown sucker. Mix in eggs, vanilla sucker, salt and cinnamon. Add flour, baking soda and oats. Mix it all together, if the dough is too dry add 2-3 tbsp of milk. Finally add chocolate chip, walnut/pecans and cranberries.
    Bake for 10-14 minutes at 370 Fahrenheit. Look for golden brown edges and a soft middle.
    Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

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