First aid


2. Get yourself a first aid kit

3. Go through your first aid kit, so you know what is in it and how the different items work

4. Update your first aid kit. Make sure that the items you have are not expired and do you need other/extra items depending how or where you are traveling

5. Get a certification in CPR and first aid: FIRST AID TRAINING 

I found four first aid kits, and went though it all. I put it all on the table and found out that for QUIKCLOT was expired (ordered a new one online) and that we didn’t have anything for insect and mosquito bites. There were plenty of gaze, two scissors, two emergency blankets and the sparkplug.

P2130107_thumb First aid

I got rid of all the extra stuff and decided that I would make a first aid kit called the emergency first aid kit for more serious injuries (red pack), a daily first aid kit and (black pack) a first aid kit with items supporting the emergency first aid kit (green pack). It came down to these three:

P2170118_thumb First aid

The emergency first aid kit – Placed on the bike so we can reach it in like 10 seconds

P2170125_thumb First aid  P2180290_thumb First aid

A scissor that can cut though clothes, two set of disposable gloves (one for Esben and one for me), a mouth to mouth mask in case of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation, in case of cardiac arrest), cleansing wipes, triangular bandage, SWAT-T Tourniquet, sterile gaze, bigger sterile bandage, four different sizes of compress with sterile gaze pads, painkillers and Diphen (allergy medicine). We added one QUIKCLOT Advanced Clotting Sponge for bigger bleedings.

The extra emergency first aid kit – supporting the emergency first aid kit with extra sterile gaze, emergency blanket, cleansing wipes, triple antibiotic ointment, bandage tape, extra compression (brown) that works like tape but doesn’t stick to the skin and Survival instructions with a rescue howler. Added some smaller “Stops Bleedings Fast” from CELOX for medium bleedings.

P2170126_thumb First aid  P2180291_thumb First aid

The daily first aid kit is for minor scratches, blisters and tics/insects.

P2170124_thumb First aid

Different sizes of bandages for minor cuts and scratches, special bandage for blisters, cleansing wipes, one compression with sterile gaze, itch relief stick (Benadryl), triple antibiotic Ointment,  tweezer, folding scissor, tic remover, safety pins, painkillers and strips that can hold together minor/medium cuts.

Finally we bought a Extractor Bite & Sting First Aid Kit. Esben and I talked about if we would need this type of first aid kit, because hopefully we will never have to use it. On the other hand if something happened we would like to be able to do something. This Extractor Bite & Sting First Aid Kit is simple and easy to use – if something happens. Our hope is that we never have to use it – at least only for minor things.

P2200295_thumb First aid

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