Camping gear

It was I nice sunny day, so I put up the tent, which was been laying in the cabin for 3 years. Just want to make sure that everything was how it was suppose to be. Our tent is a NEMO “MOKI 3P 4-SEASON BACKCOUNTRY TENT”. It is one layer heavy duty tent. To protect the bottom we have added the footprint.

P2190128_thumb Camping gear  P2190131_thumb Camping gear

We also bought bigger pegs, which is good for setting up the tent on sandy soil or if it gets really windy. The thin pegs (to the right) are for solid or rock soil.

P2190130_thumb Camping gear

After that I sorted out all the other camping gear. Started out with the basic…

Tent, two sleeping bags from HAGLÖFT “HYPNA S3”, which is a 3 season sleeping bag that we can zip together to one big sleeping bag. Comfort temperature is –9C/16F for men and –2C/28. To inner liner for the sleeping bag from HAGLÖFT. Two sleeping matrasses from Term-a-Rest. Two TOURATECH dry bags to keep the seeping bags dry.

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Water equipment: two bladders caring 3 liters/101 oz each and two bladders caring 1 liter/30oz each from PLATYPUS. One 6 liter/303 oz bladder from MSR. The green camel back, which can hold one of the 3 liter bladders. Esben has a bigger bag pack (not on the picture) from KRIGA for the other 3 liter bladder. The 3 liter bladders keeps us hydrated when riding in warm weather conditions. A water purifier “Guardian” from MSR (including spare part) and a 1 liter/30 oz Beverage Bottle from THERMOS.

P2110100_thumb Camping gear

Cooking equipment: one cutting board, multi-vitamins, hydro-tablets. TRANGIA stove with two pots (1 liter/30 oz), one pan, one handle and the orange bag. The multifuel burner is from PRIMUS, which can be fitted into the TRANGIA stove. A PRIMUS fuel bottle and spare parts. Two knives, spoons and forks. One whisk and one folding spatula. One small orange bag for all the “silver wear”. A ziploc bag with sucker, salt and spices. Two small seating matrasses from Term-a-Rest. A Light My Fire dinning set (first edition) with a cup, small container and a small cutting board. A roll of plastic bags. One sponge, dishwashing soap (not in the picture) and a dishtowel Emergency food: energy bars, granola/nuts and 2 pack of freeze-dried food (not in the picture).

P2110102_thumb Camping gear

Other equipment: two extra orange waterproof bags. A rope and clothespins for drying clothes. Two headlamps, one LUCI solar powered lamp, one KLARUS XT11GT flashlight, hand sanitizer, two mosquito nets (head cover), one saw, one orange shovel, one stormproof lighter, stormproof matches, a 10 liter/2,5 gallon folding bucket, a small sowing kit, a Ziploc bag with earplugs, one folding bag pack (black) from MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR, two fast drying camping towels (dark blue), map book over Mexico and a map for Central America. Two 10 liter/2,5 gallons MRS bladder for carrying extra fuel in remote areas.

VERY IMPOTANT: business cards with our blog and e-mail

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