Motorcycle luggage

Here is the final result of packing the motorcycles – Esben’s to the left and mine to the right

P2220167_thumb Motorcycle luggage  P2220159_thumb Motorcycle luggage

The details! We bought ROK straps from TOURATECH, which makes it so easy to strap the dry bags on t the motorcycle. The straps keep the dry bag where I put it. I haven’t tried the ROK straps for off-road riding yet – but I will. I love them wlEmoticon-thumbsup Motorcycle luggage

Esben is still using the aluminum side cases from HAPPY TRAIL located in Boise, Idaho, bought in 2009. Mounted on the front in both sides is a cheap cover for the motorcycles. On top of the side cases we have a dry bag from TOURATECH, which packs one sleeping bag, one sleeping bag inner liner and one camping pillow. For details on camping gear: “Camping gear”.

P2220168_thumb Motorcycle luggage

On the rear end of the side cases Esben has mounted a holster/sleeve from WOLFMAN luggage with can hold bottles of oil for our chains and fuel for our camping stove

P2220169_thumb Motorcycle luggage

On top he uses my old dry bag from WOLFMAN which has room for motorcycle clothes, extra gloves and our hiking boots. In front of the dry bag he has our tent from NEMO. Furthermore Esben has two cargo nets and an extra dry bag for food (not in the picture).


The front of Esbens motorcycle is loaded too – he wanted to move more weight from the back to the front, which makes the motorcycle easier the handle

P2220176_thumb Motorcycle luggage

On both sides of the tank he has mounted waterproof bags (US10) from KRIEGA, which carries tools (upper picture). One the front fender is a spare tube in a bag from WOLFMAN. Over the headlight is a small bracket, which has our two light weight camping chairs from HELINOX in a dry bag (left picture below). Esben has chosen a tank bag from GIANT LOOP (right picture below), which is waterproof and it is easy to zip of and on, when we have to fill up gas.

P2220172_thumb Motorcycle luggage  P2220171_thumb Motorcycle luggage

This is the view when Esben is on the motorcycle…

P2220178_thumb Motorcycle luggage

I have been riding with the soft saddle bags from WOLFMAN since 2010, this edition is waterproof (don’t buy saddle bags that are only water repellent –> your clothes will get wet when it rains). I love them wlEmoticon-redheart Motorcycle luggage. They are easy to take on and of, and the mounting system keeps the saddle bag in place when I am riding off-road. The picture on the right is from behind, where you can see how the dry bag from TOURATECH fits on top of the motorcycle and the saddle bags. The ROK straps are the vertical black straps with white X’s on (right picture).

P2220159_thumb-1 Motorcycle luggage  P2220162_thumb Motorcycle luggage

I also have a yellow cargo net (the upper right picture) and a extra dry bag for food. Further I can carry extra water by mounting our 6 liter/303 oz blatter from MSR on to the top of the dry bag with the cargo net on top. The cargo net is perfect for storing extra clothes if it gets warmer during the day or storing my rain jacket.

This is the front of my motorcycle

P2220163_thumb Motorcycle luggage

The green dry bag holds to set of trekking poles (Distance FLZ Trekking Poles) from BLACK DIAMOND. On the front fender (left picture) is a small bag from WOLFMAN, which is the same one as the one you see on top of the green dry bag. Both bags carries the emergency first aid kit, the supplemental first aid kit and the Extractor Bite  Sting First aid Kit. For detail go to “First aid”. The final bag is from GIANT LOOP. I could just fit it on the bark buster wlEmoticon-smile Motorcycle luggage and it holds my cap and my motocross gloves (right picture).

P2220164_thumb Motorcycle luggage  P2220166_thumb Motorcycle luggage

We order the motorcycles covers in a size L – this is how it fit on my bike with luggage

P2220180_thumb Motorcycle luggage

It was not even possible to fit it over Esbens motorcycle with all the luggage on. So we got an size XL for Esbens bike.The covers has three function – (1) to hide the motorcycle when camping, (2) to hide the stuff on them and (3) make it harder for people to steel anything from the motorcycles if they are just passing by.


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