Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

Our friend Kitty had a day of… and she asked us: “Have you ever been to Disneyland?”, we answered “No”. We have considered to check it out, but thought it was too expensive, and we didn’t want to spend our time standing in line for the rides. Kitty has an annual pass for Disneyland and she volunteered to be our guide. So we decided to go to Disneyland – Our first time. Today is also the 28th of February, which is Isabel’s Birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISABEL = TILLYKKE MED FØDSELSDAGEN ISABEL. Isabel is one of my tree Godchildren. Love you wlEmoticon-redheart Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

DSC06366_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

But first we had to park the car… second, go through security… third, get on the tram, which finally took us to the park wlEmoticon-openmouthedsmile Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

DSC06337_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)  DSC06346_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)  DSC06352_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

After all that, we needed ice cream…. Esben and Kitty went for ice cream with two cookies – can you se who it looks like (right picture)?

DSC06361_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)  DSC06362_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

Yes – it looks like the face of Mickey Mouse.

Mickey’s face is hiding all over the park. Here is a few more examples

DSC06386_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)  DSC06398_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

The right picture of Mickey Mouse is a pretzel.

We also got to meet Tigger (In Danish: “Tigerdyr”) from Winnie the Poo (In Danish: “Peterplys”). The jars with honey are everywhere, so we felt like we were in the cartoon “Winnie the Poo”.

DSC06394_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA) DSC06393_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

Kitty picked out the best rides, that we had to try… I (Camilla) suffer from motion sickness wlEmoticon-sicksmile Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA), but a least I did go on the Star wars ride. I only had to lay down 5 minutes after to get better – but I made it without throwing up wlEmoticon-thumbsup Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA). Just standing in line is a part of the ride, as long as the line is not to long.

Waiting to get on the Star wars ride

DSC06512_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

After the Star wars ride, we got to meet Chewbacca from the Star Wars movie.

DSC06436_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

Esben wanted to train to become a Star wars Jedi… but he was to old wlEmoticon-cryingface Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA). So he could only watch while all the children become Jedi’s and fight the power of the dark side. It was it tough fight but the Jedi’s used the force to overcome Darth Vader and finally won over the dark side.

DSC06452_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)  DSC06490_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

From the Haunting House… amazing animated holograms – just look at the second head from left wlEmoticon-ghost Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

DSC06383_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

From the Peter Pan ride, where we traveled in a flying ship. You see Big Ben on the picture

DSC06548_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

After all the rides, and my stomach felt a little weird – I bought a turkey leg. It was so big, that the tree of us shared it. I felt so much better after that leg wlEmoticon-openmouthedsmile Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

DSC06524_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

Kitty now took us to land of Looney Tunes…

DSC06529_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)  DSC06532_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

We walked into Micky’s house

DSC06533_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

Esben is a gentleman, so he offered me a cup of tee in the land of Looney Tunes

DSC06537_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)  DSC06538_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

Or he was trying to…

DSC06539_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)  DSC06540_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

Kitty – you are the best Disneyland guide! Kitty is a “Disneyland nerd”, but it is nothing compared to there people, who were collecting Disneyland pins. They have collected Disneyland pins from all over the world fx France and Japan. The story is, that if you as a staff member meet a collector you can trade the pins, and you are not allowed to say no. Some of the pins are more than 50 years old and worth a lot of money.

DSC06414_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

You can’t go to Disneyland, without going through the original Disney Castle… as we walked through the castle, we were taken through the fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (In Danish: “Snehvide og de syv små dværge”

DSC06567_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)  DSC06570_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

Goodbye Disneyland – Kitty made our trip to Disneyland amazing. Thank you so much, it was a blast – it would not have been the same without you

DSC06571_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)  DSC06584_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

It is really hard to finish a perfect day in Disneyland, but Kitty took us the Roscoe’s to eat chicken and waffles for dinner!

DSC06587_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)  DSC06595_thumb Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

Normally I don’t even eat syrup on my pancakes, but this combination with crispy chicken, waffles, butter and syrup was insane… I tasted really good and I ate way to much. Compared to my Danish food habits I would prefer to have chicken and waffles for breakfast – BUT you can always eat chicken and waffles wlEmoticon-winkingsmile Disneyland (Los Angeles, CA)

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