The philosophy: “Less is more”

This post is different from all the others – Do you want to know more about what’s all behind this adventure? Then keep reading – but first we would like to thank all of you for all your replies, which made us take up the subject about “less is more”. Thanks to the adv-rider “Blader54” and Jen Eskildsen (off-road rider from Denmark).

visitkort-forside_thumb The philosophy: “Less is more”

What it “less is more”? The first time I heard this was from my friend Peter Weiss, telling me that my motorcycle was way to big for me to race endurocross races in Denmark. This made me buy a smaller motocross bike, which was actually made for kids – just remember I am only 5.1 feet (157,5 cm). The smaller motorcycle made me a better rider! Just saying that bigger is not always better wlEmoticon-smilewithtongueout The philosophy: “Less is more”.

Old pictures… technical motorcycle training on my trails motorcycle (left picture) and on my Kawasaki KX85 (right picture)

IMG_3182_edited-1_thumb The philosophy: “Less is more”  IMG_6617_thumb The philosophy: “Less is more”

“Less is more” is about travelling light, which for me is necessary when riding on a motorcycle like the Suzuki DRZ400S. People we have meet on our way is always impressed, when they see how much stuff we have on our motorcycles. But it all depend on your perspective – Take a look at the to plates underneath, which one has most food on it (source:

Stor-mad-portion_thumb The philosophy: “Less is more”  Lille-madportion_thumb The philosophy: “Less is more”

What was your answer? – the one to the right… Well both plates have the same amount of food on the plates, but the plate to the right is smaller than the plates to the left, so it look’s like there is more food on the plate. It is the same with our luggage – we travel on smaller bikes so it look’s like the motorcycles are packed, but if you moved all the luggage to two bigger motorcycles fx BMW’s it would look like, they were travelling light.

What is too much and what is too little? Esben and I could travel lighter if we wanted to stay at motels/hotels and choose to eat at restaurants all the time – but it is not what “Less is more” is about. “Less is more” is about the simple life and simple traveling. We can camp and cook our own meals, which means that we can pretty much travel everywhere. Esben and I choose to travel for a long time – we don’t have a return ticket, and we don’t know when we want to go home. That’s why it is still important for us to carry a good tent, good sleeping bags, good sleeping pads… it is basic things that makes life on the road much more fun wlEmoticon-openmouthedsmile The philosophy: “Less is more”. For the first time we carry two light weight camping chairs – so we can now sit and have lunch looking at the pacific ocean, while writing on this post.

This is simple life to us, this is “Less is more”

P3080337_thumb The philosophy: “Less is more”  DSC06773_thumb The philosophy: “Less is more”

The simple life/traveling makes it possible for us to enjoy and appreciate the place and the moment we are in right now. We experience time, piece and balance.

DSC06766_thumb The philosophy: “Less is more”  DSC06760_thumb The philosophy: “Less is more”

It is really hard to pack everything right from the beginning of your trip – I have never manage to do so. I am getting better and better not taking stuff that I think I might need, but packing stuff that I will need. Fx after 2-3 weeks on the road, you have to wash 95 % of all you clothes.

Esbens part of “Less is more”:

I can totally agree on what Camilla just wrote above. But for me “less is more” is also a way of managing my life. I have a traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident about 10 year ago. My injury means that my internal battery is like an old worn out battery. It seems not to charge fully and run flat very quickly. I usually tell people that I can do the same as everyone else, just not for very long.

So a “normal vacation” with new places and sightseeing everyday, is for me is not a vacation at all. If I try do do too much, see too much or travel too far too fast, then I can’t enjoy what I am doing and I am having a hard time to remember all the good memories.

So traveling slow is important to me. I need a lot of time to recharge my internal battery, and I have to be careful not to pack my days to tight. Resting in the shade of a palapa after lunch.

P4291499_thumb The philosophy: “Less is more”

I have to prioritize what is most important to me and spend my energy on the things that really matter and means the most to me. I mean what do you want to remember, when you grow old?

DSC08541_thumb The philosophy: “Less is more”

So combining all our thoughts about “Less is More” fits perfectly with traveling slow. We have had troubles with slowing down, because we were afraid to miss anything on our way. It is not possible to se everything, and in the end its not about the things we don’t see or don’t experiences – it all comes down to all our small adventures and experiences. It is important for us to be able to appreciate and enjoy every one of them, which is possible when we travel slow.  We don’t want time to control our travel, we want the country and all the great places, nature and people to be an inspiration and give direction for our adventure. That’s why “Less is more” is our way of traveling.

So for us “Less is more” is much more than how to pack or what motorcycle to ride. It’s a way of living and traveling at the same time, that makes life worth living!

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