How to find travel information online.

So now you have been reading other people blog or maybe you just saw Evan McGregor in TV. Now you have the travel bug and want to start planning your own trip.. But how do you get started?

Well there are many really good websites where you can get ALL the information you need to start your own adventure

horizons-unlimited-banner_thumb How to find travel information online.

Go to Horizons Unlimited, the website that’s all about motorcycle travel. Travellers Community, Bike Travel information on the Bulletin Board, free Monthly Motorcycle Travel E-zine, Travellers’ Stories, and plenty of tips and info!


I think think this is the single best travel website. There is tons of information already availably on the site but the the best thing is the members. You can ask for help and advice in the many sub forums.
The forum is divided in some easy understandable sub forums. So don’t hold back but please do to do a search first to see if any else has asked the same or similar before.

The horizons unlimited community also arrange many events all over the world. and there is quite few really nice blog in the site where you can get inspied to do your own trip.
For us the most important part of the site was the “Get started” part: 
Here there are several good articles about how to prepare yourself and your bike for the trip of a lifetime. You can also discuss all aspects of planning with the other members.

Now that we are finally on the road after a lot but not very difficult planning we mostly use the Horizon Unlimited Community

Here it is possible to contact locals all over the world for help, questions and maybe even a place to stay. We can not recommend enough people who are at home and are planning a trip to sign up. Maybe you ill get a visitor that can inspire you even more and tell you stories about life on the road.


KrianBanner How to find travel information online.

We have used this AL LOT when traveling in United states. There is a lot of help to get  and there is a very active buy/sell section if you are looking for a new bike for your trip:
But if you are in the planning or just dreaming stage there is a lot of REALLY cool ride reports. Some of these people have been on the road for years.

And then there is the one parts of the page that you really should use a lot when traveling in the states. The famous tent space list:

We have used this a lot. Both for advice on where to go and what to see. But also for help when we have broken down or just needed a place to stay. We have enjoyed meeting locals and it has been great having a local guide. This way you get to see more and really experience the place you are visiting.

Ioverlander_logo_300 How to find travel information online.

This is just a great site when you are on the road. Here you can find thousands of campsites, hotels, gas stations and much more. Just choose what categories you want to see and then search the map. We mostly use this site to find cheap and good campsites. and it has saved us for a lot of trouble and a lot of money. So if you find yourself using this site please consider to give a donation to the hardworking people behind the site. They will exclusively use your donation to kepp the site running and make it better for all of us.

It is also possible to download an app for both Android and Iphone. This makes it a lot easier to find places and you can very easily update places and add new places when you are traveling.
And when you do add places or update existing ones please do make sure to check the location, check that everything is up to date and if your are using the mobile apps then maybe add a few pictures. This makes it a lot easier for the next travelers who might want to visit this place.


wikioverland How to find travel information online.

Then there is that is very useful when on the road. There is a lot of info about almost every country in the world. How to cross the border, what currency they are using and much more. All just very practical stuff when you are traveling.
Just look up the country and read all about it.

We can not stress enough how important it is that if you read this and then find out something has changed that you log in and make sure the site is up to date.


Facebook-create_thumb How to find travel information online.

There are several good facebook groups that are worth following. I Will just list the ones we have found so far and you can take a look for yourself. But I will mention that the first one is one we have been reading on a lot since it is about the panamerican high that we are more or less following on this trip.

The Americans



All over the world

Buy and Sell overland vehicles


We will try and update this article as we found other good sites where you can get info and help to plan your own trip.



      Thanks for link. We know the site but have not used it much. Mostly just to get an idea of the fuel prices.

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