“Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

On Esbens birthday, the first thing we experienced was and earthquake in the middle of the night (1:29 pm). It was so strange and scary to sit in the tent while the ground was moving underneath you. The epicenter was about 150 km northwest from our location. The earthquake measured 6,6 on the Richter scale and we saw some of the consequences during the day. Massive landslides several places!

P6143291_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)  P6143293_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

We thought it would be an easy day on the motorcycles driving on the main highway toward the Ruins of Copán in Honduras, but several places landslides had blocked half the road. So instead of driving on a highway with four lanes, we got stuck in heavy traffic on a highway with two lanes. Traffic was slow and after spending more than 3 hours on the motorcycles we decided to fill up gas and eat lunch.

P6143298_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

After the quick lunch we got back on the bikes, but before leaving the gas station something was wrong with my motorcycle. Esben, who was behind me, quickly saw that my rear tire was flat.

P6143305_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)  P6143307_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

We found some kind for nail that went all the way through the tire and the heavy duty (4 mm) tube. It was warm (about 30 degrees C) and humid, but we found a place in the shade.

P6143309_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)  P6143311_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

After one hour I has back on my motorcycle with air in the rear tire! Our first flat tire on this trip, and it was on Esbens birthday. A lot of people had gathered just to see if Esben was able to fix a flat – and he was. That was the closest I got to giving Esben a birthday present – a flat tire “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESBEN”.

P6143313_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

Back on the road  we met this pickup truck with chairs in the colors of the Danish Flag. I took it as a sign, it was Esbens birthday wlEmoticon-openmouthedsmile “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

P6143319_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

We should have been at the campground at 1:00 pm, but instead we got there at 15:30 pm. The campground was filled with mango trees, and we got to pick some with one of the employees.

P6153340_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)  P6153348_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

This is how we spend some of the rainy afternoons… 1. find a mango tree, 2. Pick mangos, 3. Cut the mangos and 3. enjoy with a good movie wlEmoticon-thumbsup “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala) 

P6153397_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)  P6153399_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)  P6153404_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)  P6153413_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

Making coffee – Mexican style

P6153332_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)  P6153335_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

Before leaving Guatemala, we sew the same problem with garbage as we have seen in Mexico. Massive amounts of garage in the side of the road, and places where people throw their garage over the mountainside taking out all trees and plants.

P6123207_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)  DSC03297_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

We always pic up all our garage, even toilet paper! Never leaving any garbage behind, but sometimes it just seams futile (In Danish “Nyttesløst”), when we pass by places with garbage, garbage and more garbage. Other times we wonder what happens, when we use the garbage can at the gas station, were does the garbage end up…?

DSC03298_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

Goodbye Guatemala… we were prepared for the border crossing into Honduras. Always reserving a whole day and getting up early in the morning to make sure, that we have plenty of time to exit Guatemala and entering Honduras. The closer we got to the border the more trucks we met, a lot of them which were parked on the side of the road. This is normal for all the border crossings in Central America, so you always know when you are close to the border.

P6163435_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)  P6163417_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

We came to the border in Guatemala were we first had to exit the country and after that we had to export our motorcycles. The official employees checking license pate, vin-number and passport, to be sure that it is the owner of the motorcycle who is leaving the country (left picture). After the exit of Guatemala, we drove 100 meter to the border in Honduras (right picture). We were surprised of all the technology (fingerprint scanner) and computer they had. Still we had to get two copies of everything (passport, license, title) for the employee at the office. We don’t know what they use all the copies for, because all information was typed into the computer and our fingerprints scanned. BUT – there was a big stack of papers (about 1 meter high) on the floor in the corner of the office.

P6163423_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)  P6163429_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

YES – we spend less than two hours on the border crossing, to be exact 1 hour and 45 minutes! We were back on the motorcycles leaving Guatemala behind us and passing all the trucks, that were waiting to get across the border from Honduras to Guatemala. Everything takes more time at the borders because we are on two motorcycles and the employees have to do all the paperwork twice.

P6163430_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)

This was the last post from Guatemala, next stop “The ruins of Copán” in Honduras

P6163431_thumb “Celebrating” Esbens birthday (leaving Guatemala)


  1. Hi E & C,

    I’m really enjoying your blog posts and read them as quickly as you can write! Stay safe & healthy….ride carefully. 🙂 Oh, and the garbage situation is unbelievable. Shake my head. Hugs to you both, Diane

    • Lessismore.one

      Hey Diane
      Thank you so much for your reply to the post. We appreciate that you are following our adventure. We have just arrived in Cartagena, Columbia today. It is a first being in South America! More amazing things are waiting.
      Say hallo to Michael.

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