The coffee farm (Honduras)

Visiting the Velasquez Family coffee farm in Honduras. To the left, roasting of coffee beans. To the right, green coffee beans

P6193717_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  DSC03654_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

The stay at the coffee farm included free organic, handpicked, fire roasted and hand graded coffee!

P6193753_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

I let Esben sleep in and served him “coffee in bed” or “coffee in the sleeping bag”. Clear weather… perfect for a hike to the nearby waterfall.

P6193618_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6193619_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

The coffee farm is located in Parque Nacional Montaña Comayaqua, so we hiked about one hour to the waterfall “Cascada de los Ensueños”. The area had gotten a huge amount of rain in May, that have destroyed the trail to the waterfall several places. Check out this bridge!

P6193654_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6193657_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

Here the trail is gone, and we wonder what was one the sign several years ago…

DSC03684_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6193643_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

But the hike through the dense forest/jungle is beautiful

DSC03687_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  DSC03702_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

After about 1½ hour we reached to 75 meter tall waterfall, and we had the waterfall all to our selves.

DSC03713_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  DSC03743_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  DSC03730_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

On our way back we got these beautiful pictures butterflies with transparent wings and a fly

P6193710_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6193704_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6193688_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

Husband (owner) and wife at the coffee farm. The owner gave us a tour around the coffee plantation.

P6193720_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6193728_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

Since 2001 the family have exported the coffee beans to Minnesota, where the owners brother live. The coffee is shade-grown in Honduras using environmentally friendly farming practices that protect the surrounding mountain cloud forest. The coffee farm is small, which makes it possible to harvest the coffee by hand and sun dry it with close attention to quality. The coffee beans are then exported to Minnesota, where the coffee is roasted on small batches by a master roaster. By exporting the coffee to the United States the family get a fair-trade price for the coffee, which is not possible in Honduras. Read more on their website:

P6193731_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6193732_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

To make sure that the coffee plants stays health, and to give the coffee a more flavor, there are other plants fx banana trees and orange trees, between the coffee plants. We got to taste fresh cardamom (left picture). It was so strong, that it felt like mint.

P6193729_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6193743_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

The bark from the tree was used to a special tee. Esben have had problems with his stomach for more than a week, and this tee should help. Esben got a big mug of the tee, it was not the best flavor… (left picture). But one of the four dogs got Esben smiling again. I think Esben wants a dog…

P6203790_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6203799_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

The next day the rain was pouring down…

P6203781_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6203794_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

The family was making a batch of caramels… two times a week they make homemade caramels after a recipe from their Grandmother. The caramels is made from a left over product when producing sugar from sugarcanes and butter. The batched is cooked in a big iron pot over open fire until the caramel have the right texture.

P6203788_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6203804_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

That is a big batch of caramel. We joined the family and spend about 1½ hour on eating, rolling and wrapping caramels.

P6203808_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6203810_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

Normally I don’t really like caramels, but these are the best ones I have ever had! This is the final result

P6203816_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6203817_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

Did the family speak English? No, but they spoke all the time in Spanish. We got bye with the translator on our phones. We learned a lot of new Spanish words, but we also learned a lot about growing coffee and how it is to live in Honduras. Before we left the family gave us a bag of their coffee and some caramels. We had a great time visiting the family, and they make you feel like your are a part of their family. Everybody are more than welcome to visit the family, and they will receive you with open arms.

P6213842_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

Thank you for the coffee and caramels, but the best part was to met your family and all the talkes we have had around the family table.

P6183615_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

Having a little bit of fun on our motorcycles before we left. To right me and “mi amiga Brenda”

P6213833_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)  P6213838_thumb The coffee farm (Honduras)

Back on the motorcycles it was time to leave Honduras and go to Nicaragua.

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