Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

Our plan for the next 2-3 days were: 1. go grocery shopping in Honduras, 2. get across the border to Nicaragua and 3. visit Somoto Canyon. Somoto Canyon is 75 million years old, but it was not until 2003, when two Czech Scientists “discovered” the canyon, that it became a tourist attraction. The river “Rio Coco” is born in the Somoto Canyon, which has been known by the locals for centuries. This was what we were heading for…

GOPR1164_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

But before that we had to leave the coffee farm in Honduras, the only problem was that it had been raining…

P6213845_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)  P6213846_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

The few water crossings went well, but then we hit clay/mud, which was sticking to our tires. This time it was Esbens turn to tip over on his motorcycle!

P6213848_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)  P6213852_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

After getting motorcycle up we drove through cows ect. to get to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

P6213855_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

First grocery shopping and then a stop to try fast food in Honduras wlEmoticon-smilewithtongueout Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua). We got two baleada (the national dish in Honduras), which is a thick flour tortilla stuffed with refried beans, cheese, meat and vegetables (to the left). We also ordered a side of fried plantains with chilimayo (to the right). We loved it – but it was time to say goodbye to Honduras.

P6213863_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)  P6213864_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

The net day we came to the border between Honduras and Nicaragua. To get across the borders in Central America is pretty much the same every time and it takes between 2-4 hours. This include checking out of Honduras (exit of Honduras for immigration) and exporting both motorcycles. Most times we had to pay a fee to get out of the country. Then a checkpoint before being allowed to exit Honduras. Getting to the border in Nicaragua, and paying a fee for fumigation of the motorcycles.

P6223876_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

A the border in Nicaragua we first went to immigration to enter Nicaragua, then to the Aduana office to import the motorcycle. After that we had to bye an mandatory insurance for each motorcycle and pay 1 USD each in toll road. After spending about 3 hours we were Nicaragua. Before leaving we put our sticker ( on a window at the Aduana office and then left again passing all the waiting trucks.

P6223872_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)  P6223871_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

Another police checkpoint on our way to Somoto Canyon, before we finally could sit down and have a late lunch. Inspired of our visit in Mexico City with Garry and Ivonne (Miss you), we ate bread with refried beans, ketchup and cheese. We also booked a tour in Somoto Canyon the next day.

P6234003_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

With our tree guides and a French tourist we hiked into Somoto Canyon, which is only accessible by hiking or by boat.

PRSM0109_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

BUT we didn’t have any boat, instead we all had life wests on, and the guides carried ropes and waterproof bags.

GOPR1155_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

Soon we just had to jump into the river and pretty much went whitewater rafting in our life wests

P6233966_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)  P6233944_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)  P6233924_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

Several places the rapids were two big, so we had to climb around, and getting back into the river by using the ropes

PRSM0096_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)  PRSM0076_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

Back in the water going through rapids that pulled us under water for 2-5 seconds at a time, and the current was strong because of all the rain

P6233933_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)  P6233943_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

Taking a short break in the canyon and warming up in the sun. Somoto Canyon has been carved out by Rio Coco, and the gorge is 3 kilometers long and has 160 meters drops. A few places the width less than 10 meters. Rio Coco is the longest river in Central America and runs all the way to the Caribbean ocean.

GOPR1169_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

Drifting the last meters through the water… it was an amazing and wild trip through Somoto Canyon. It is fun to go on adventures, that would not be allowed other countries. In the dry season the water level is lower and the water is blue and clear… but as you know, we are in the rain season.

PRSM0150_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

We saw this tree on our trip in Somoto Canyon. According to our guides the tree grows really fast, and they estimated that is was only 8-10 years old.

P6233900_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

The next day we left Somoto Canyon early in the morning to avoid the rain. Next stop Volcán Masaya, one more adventure that would not be allowed in other countries.

P6244026_thumb Somoto Canyon (Nicaragua)

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