Scuba diving on Galapagos

Our new friends Sally and Collins Smith, who we actually met in the Quito airport. We checked in, but they had some trouble… after several tries they found out, that they had showed up in the airport one day early. So they had to wait until the next day to fly to Galapagos. After spending some time with them, Collins told us that he had been a professional diver for 20 years and has seen and done everything there is to do under water. We talked about talking a scuba diving course, so we could experience the wildlife underneath the surface. Collins told us, that the Galapagos is the best place to dive in the world. After a long, but amazing conversation we decided that we would take the PADI Open Water and Advanced course while on Galapagos.

GOPR9772_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos  G0119733_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos

Our first dive was in a pool, were we trained the basic skills and got more used to the gear – but first we had to get use to putting the wetsuit on and it was tight!

P9130704_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos  P9130705_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos  P9130707_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos

I did get into it, and I also manage to fit a short wetsuit underneath, because the water temperature was 18-20 Celsius – we agreed that is felt colder than that wlEmoticon-freezing Scuba diving on Galapagos. After the training dive, we were ready to have our first open water dive.

Ready – set – GO!

P9140050_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos  P9160178_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos

On the diving course we went to recognized diving locations around Santa Cruz island. All our dives started at Canal de Itabaca and off we went in the boat. This is the world we met underwater!

A huge school of fish!

GOPR9774_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos  GOPR9777_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos

A lot of marble rays in different sizes (left picture) and the Galapagos shark with can grow to a length of 3 meters (right picture)

20171007-My-new-video-project17_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos  20171007-My-new-video-project32_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos

The whitetip reef shark. A small shark usually not exceeding 1.6 m (5.2 ft) in length

20171007-My-new-video-project27_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos  20171007-My-new-video-project29_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos

To the left: spotted eagle rays. To the right: golden cownose rays that has a venomous stinger located on the tail

20171007-My-new-video-project24_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos  20171007-My-new-video-project35_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos

Our favorite, the sea turtles, going after a jellyfish and eating the jellyfish

20171007-My-new-video-project10_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos  20171007-My-new-video-project9_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos

We had our deep dive (30 meters) at “Gordon Rocks” which is a great place for spotting hammerhead sharks and sea turtles. We didn’t see any hammerhead sharks, it most be some other time in the future, but instead there was sea turtles everywhere. It was just amazing, to be able to swim right next to it.

My-new-video-project1_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos  20171007-My-new-video-project19_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos

Beside all the diving we also had a few classes in the evening. Meet our instructor Israel, that together with his college Freddy took us safely throw the courses, and giving us all the great experiences underwater. We did our PADI course at Eagleray Tours ( We were really satisfied with the diving, gear and instructors. You can read our review “Scuba diving course” on TripAdvisor: 

P9140048_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos  P9150063_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos

We also did a navigation dive, and at 30 meters (were a lot of divers experience nitrogen narcosis) we had to make calculations and solve other tasks. Yes, we did it! Now we are certified PADI Open Water and Open Water Advanced divers. New adventures a just waiting for us underneath the surface. This is also Esben favorite sport now, because he doesn’t have to move lot and he can go explore and take pictures at the same time. On his wishlist is a waterproof box for his camera (Olympus TG-5).

20171007-My-new-video-project21_thumb Scuba diving on Galapagos


  1. Andrew Holowenczak

    Great pictures! Did you use TG5 tom make them? I have it too but pictures don’t come out so nice. Did you use any filters or additional light?


      Yes.. All underwater pictures is shot with the TG-5. I always shoot RAW files and afterwards edit in Lightroom. This way I can get more out of the pictures. Especially underwater I change the temperature a lot. Also I take A LOT of pictures so at least few come out good 🙂

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