The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

Not on any map, just marked with red plastic ribbons…

DSC01256_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

After having lunch we decided to follow a small stream, which quickly became more narrow…

DSC01203_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)  DSC01222_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

Esben taking some picture with longer exposure of the drizzling water wlEmoticon-camera The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

DSC01215_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)  DSC01211_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

Soon it was not possible to follow the stream without getting wet feet. After leaving the stream we suddenly found a trail leading up hill. We continued following the trail up the mountainside suddenly walking across huge patches of snow, but still eyeing the red plastic ribbons.

DSC01234_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)  DSC01241_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

Suddenly after 3 km the landscape opened up to this panoramic view

DSC01305-Pano_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

We were running out of time and had to turn around, but we could see that the trail marked with the red ribbons was continuing away from where we were camping. It was time to turn around and get back to Lance. Taking in the view before turning around.

DSC01338-HDR_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)  DSC01330-HDR_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

We highly recommend this trail, but leave in the morning with a good daypack, so you have more time for exploring the trail than we had. It is now on marked as “the secret trail” near the wild camp “Mountain meadow” close to the ski resort, Antillanca, Chile. Getting down from the mountain Lance was waiting for our return.

DSC01193_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

Making dinner: I am doing all the hard work outside, while Esben are having fun inside

PC180040_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)  DSC01145_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

Potato stew with chicken together with a glass of Late Harvest white wine

DSC01152_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)  DSC01107_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

Appreciating life

DSC01188_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)  DSC01096_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

Hoping for clear weather the next day, so we could hike up the the crater of the volcano

DSC01386-HDR_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

Esben got up during the night to take this amazing picture with the milky way in the background

DSC01182_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

When we got up the next morning it was raining, and the view of the mountains was gone. We decided not to go hiking, but to drive back to Osorno because we had to get some paperwork done for Lance, before we were allowed to drive into Argentina. Back on the paved road the rain was pouring down. In Osorno we bought an insurance covering Lance for the next six months in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia. We also went to the notary, where we got a “Declaration Jurada”. With the “Declaration Jurada” Lance can legally leave Chile with a foreign owner (which is me, Camilla from Denmark), wen I promise to come back to Chile to sell Lance. With other words it is not legal for us to sell Lance in another country than Chile.

IMG_20171220_110016_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)  IMG_20171220_151134_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

Before leaving Osorno we went shopping in Jumbo to buy chocolate for Christmas. We even found a big marzipan bread! In Denmark you can’t celebrate Christmas without marzipan and chocolate. Outside the stores in Osorno were women sitting ready to wrap other peoples gifts, just to earn a little bit extra money before Christmas. They looked poor. We had already bought presents for our family and friends in Denmark. We made a 2018 calendar with pictures from the first part of this adventure travelling 21,000 km on motorcycles. So now they have to look at us everyday in 2018. I made and ordered the calendar through a Danish website, and the calendars were shipped to my parents house. My mother wrapped and distributed the presents – Thank you, you are the best.

PC200033_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)  PC200028_thumb The hidden trail (Volcán Casablanca)

Ready to go to Bariloche, Argentina for Christmas!

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