Expenses in Uruguay (8 days of travel in a van)

We travelled in Uruguay from the 18th-25th of April 2018. This is the second budget traveling in a van and only covers a very short time period, so bear that in mind. All our expenses are included in the overview. Every penny we have spend together or for personal use are included. We are aware that we might have forgotten to add few expenses during our travel – nobody is perfect. Our budget is 66 USD per day including everything.In total we spend 538.55 USD in Uruguay, which calculates into 67.32 per day. This means that we overspend with 1.32 USD per day, so in total we exceeded our budget with 10.56 USD during the 8 days that we traveled in Uruguay. We use an app called TOSHL FINANCE (https://toshl.com), which we could customize to our travel expenses. We decided to buy TOSHL PRO for 19.99 USD (https://toshl.com/pricing/) which gives us access to an online account where all the pictures are from.

ur-cirkeldiagram_thumb Expenses in Uruguay (8 days of travel in a van)  ur-udgifter-total-per-dag_thumb Expenses in Uruguay (8 days of travel in a van)

To save money we have tried to follow these basic rules (6. edition for Uruguay, very similar to what we did in Chile and Argentina)

  1. Wild (free) camp as much as possible. This is one of the most efficient ways of saving money, when you don’t have to pay for camping, hostels or hotels. Using www.ioverlander.com to find places, where we could camp for free.
  2. Stay with other people for free. We have also made friends during our trip, and have been invited to stay at their place for free. In Montevideo we contacted an overlander living there, that invited us into his home. Thank you. When we stay with other people for free, they sometimes offer, that we can do some laundry for free, we really appreciate this. This is also possible by using www.couchsurfing.com, which we didn’t done in Uruguay.
  3. Cook our own food. It is way cheaper to cook your own food in Uruguay than eating out. When you buy a snack, just buy one and share (do you really need one each?), you never know if it is good, and you can always buy another one after the first one. Not much else to say. The smaller food stalls at the road selling fruit, vegetables, eggs and cheese are cheaper than buying everything in a supermarket.
  4. Activities: pick the ones which are the most important for you. We try to explore areas by hiking, which doesn’t cost anything. For example, we those to walk to Faro de Cabo Polonio (7 km each way) instead of paying for the tourist truck. Explore the towns and cities by walking around, and don’t spend money on expensive tours fx segway tours. Now we have one bicycle, and got to borrow a bicycle at the amazing overlander, that we visited in Montevideo, saving money not the rent a bicycle.

Categories for the expensesOverview of how we have spend the 538.55 USD in Uruguay. We have used the same categories for Uruguay as for Chile and Argentina traveling in our van. Our expenses have been allocated into 8 categories, which primarily covers expenses for daily living. What springs to my mind is that we used 29.1 USD per day on food. Food is not cheap in Uruguay, and I (Camilla) also decided to stock up on oats and milk. It would have been way cheaper to wait until we had reached Brazil, but we didn’t know that. Gasoline is also more expensive in Uruguay compared to any other country in South America, which accounted for 25 % of all our expenses in Uruguay. To compare the fuel only accounted for 15 % of all our expenses in Chile and Argentina. Also getting cash from the ATM in Uruguay was more expensive, and the ATM didn’t notified us about the fee until it printed out the receipt.

Overview of expenses in categories, when traveling 8 days in Uruguay, in average we used 67.32 per day

ur-samlet-oversigt-udgifter_thumb Expenses in Uruguay (8 days of travel in a van)

All the categories have subcategories (called Tags), which makes it possible for us to get a more detailed overview of the expenses within the different categories (the darker grey area). In the top each picture you have the total amount of expenses in the category, and underneath you have the amount of expenses allocated into the subcategories.

ur-food-and-drinks_thumb Expenses in Uruguay (8 days of travel in a van)  ur-transport-and-van_thumb Expenses in Uruguay (8 days of travel in a van)

ur-mail-and-activities_thumb Expenses in Uruguay (8 days of travel in a van)  ur-accommodation-atm-HP-care_thumb Expenses in Uruguay (8 days of travel in a van)

In total we are satisfied of how we spend our money in Uruguay, though we would really have liked not to overspend, and we were so close to the budget. We bought a tarp to cover the bicycle, cooler fluid and injection cleaner at the cost of 66.58 USD. We really looked for tarp in Chile and Argentina, but was not able to find one until we got to Uruguay. The tarp, cooler fluid and injection cleaner is not a normal monthly expense, so if we had not bought it, we would have been under budget with 56.02. It is all about keeping track for your expenses so you don’t overspend and spend money on the things that are important to you. If you have any question about our budget, please feel free to ask.

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