The two P’s in Bonito

“Parrots” and “Pastels”

DSC02266_thumb The two P’s in Bonito  P6180444_thumb The two P’s in Bonito

We drove the last few kilometers to Bonito, and decided to camp on a campground in town. Several other overlanders were also there, and we met a French family with three kids. The family have sold their house in France, and bought a big camper (the size of a big truck), which is now their home.

P6190002_thumb The two P’s in Bonito

The campground in town was called “Pousada do Peralta”, and every evening the parrots came to feed. There is about 30 different species of Amazon parrots, and this must be one of them.

DSC01988_thumb The two P’s in Bonito

Also several beautiful scarlet macaws came to eat

DSC02100_thumb The two P’s in Bonito  DSC02116_thumb The two P’s in Bonito  DSC02113_thumb The two P’s in Bonito

The scarlet macaw are known for its bright colors red, yellow and blue. It belongs to the macaw family, just like the hyacinth macaw that we saw in the Pantanal. They are up to 81 cm long, of which their tail is more than half. They are beautiful, but they also love to chase each other, when they can’t get long.

DSC02255_thumb The two P’s in Bonito  DSC02273_thumb The two P’s in Bonito

Scarlet macaws make very loud, high and sometimes low-pitched, throaty squawks, squeaks and screams designed to carry many miles to call for their groups.OMG! They make so much noice, I am never gonna have a macaw as a pet. The scarlet macaw can live up to 75 years in captivity, although a more typical lifespan is 40 to 50 years (Source:

DSC02065_thumb The two P’s in Bonito  DSC02279_thumb The two P’s in Bonito

We also explored Bonito on foot, which lead us to a small stand on the local “plaza” selling pastels. We bought one with nutella (or something similar) and coconut, and one with banana, condensed milk and cheese. Here in Brazil they pretty much load the “pastels” with anything that taste good and deep-fry it!

P6160113_thumb The two P’s in Bonito  P6160114_thumb The two P’s in Bonito

They were just amazing and big too!

P6160117_thumb The two P’s in Bonito  P6180444_thumb_3 The two P’s in Bonito

We used a day in Bonito to organize our next two adventures. Several activities are offered in the area around Bonito, and I have never been in a town with that many agencies ready to book you next adventure. Walking around town everybody was watching the World cup in football (soccer) in Russia. Today Denmark was playing against Peru. Passed by a small liquor store, and watched the last 5 minutes.

YES! Denmark won the game 1-0. GO’ DENMARK! 

P6160084_thumb The two P’s in Bonito

We had picked out two new adventures, but which ones…? You will have to check out the next two posts. But I will tell this much: We had to do go through some basic training, to be prepared for our next two adventures here in Bonito. First a stop at the training center, to learn the basic rappelling techniques, for the upcoming 72 meters of rappelling into a cave. Also we had to try on the wetsuit for our next dive. I really hope that black does make me look thinner after all the “pastels” I ate.

P6160105_thumb The two P’s in Bonito  P6160108_thumb The two P’s in Bonito

We are read for our next two adventures, and just before going to bed this giant anteater carrying its cub on its back came and visited the campground. I don’t think that we will ever get tired of seeing animals in their natural habitat.

DSC02658_thumb The two P’s in Bonito

Coming up is our next two adventures!

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