“Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works are two former saltpeter refineries

DSC06921_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

Saltpeter is also called potassium nitrate are used in fertilizers and fireworks

DSC06894_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

It all started in the early 1800, and in 1812 where the saltpeter was shipped at an industrial scale for the first time. In 1835 Charles Darwin visited the saltpeter work of La Noria, which was the same year the Darwin had been on the Galapagos Islands. In 1840 a study confirms the use of saltpeter as a fertilizer. In 1853 steam is applied to the nitrate leaching process, and in 1871 a railroad from Iquique (by the coast of Chile) to La Noria opens.

PA130007_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06893_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

The plants of Saltpeter work, Santa Laura and Humberston are built. 1875-1878 a new system for saltpeter extraction is developed and implemented, the Shanks system. Extraction of Saltpeter continues with the Shanks system. In 1910 Germany is the first country to synthesize ammonia. In 1912 saltpeter supplied 65% of the fertilizer in the world, and in 1914 Chile still controls 47% of the saltpeter production, but now the production of synthetic saltpeter has started.

DSC06841_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06889-HDR_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

In 1918, 170 saltpeter plants are still in operation in Chile, but as the crisis of the saltpeter industry begins in 1920, this is reduced to 115 saltpeter plants. The saltpeter production is being modernized to compete with the synthetic saltpeter, but in 1935 Chilean saltpeter only represents 11 % of the world production. In 1950 Chilean saltpeter is down to 5% of the world production, and only 17 saltpeter plants are working. It all ended in 1960 when the last 4 saltpeter plants (Humberstone, Santa Laura, Peña Chica and Saltpeter World of Antofagasta) stopped their production.

DSC06962_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06908_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  PA130028_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

In 1970 Humberstone and Santa Laura were declared National Historic Landmarks

DSC06844_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06870_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

During the peak period from 1890-1930, 800 worked people and lived in Humberstone, but the crisis f the thirties deeply affected the production

DSC06857_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06863_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

Humberstone was not just a saltpeter plant, but also a town. People could live their whole life here from child to adult

DSC06852-HDR_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06855-HDR_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

Visiting the “pulperia” (it is a rural grocery store), that have been restored to represent the former life in Humberstone

PA130037_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

At the “pulperia” the people of Humberstone could get everything they needed

DSC06928_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06934_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06936_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

The bakery

DSC06940_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

The children would go to school

DSC06958_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

As the life were modernized in Humberstone, a theater was built a long with a swimming pool and a tennis court

DSC06950_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  PA130084_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

Everything is well preserved, and it is amazing how kids and adults can walk around the ghost town. You can explore houses and machinery on your own, and are allowed to touch so many things. We spend 4 hours walking around, which was a lot more than we first had planned.

DSC06847_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06955_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

To give the town an industrial thought, a big clock was installed to impower the importance of time

DSC06924_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

Close up photos from the office

DSC06980_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06982_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06983_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

There are so many details

DSC06986_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06993_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town  DSC06872_thumb “Humberstone”–the nitrate ghost town

We had a great day here, and highly recommend to go here, it is a place where both kids and adults can have fun. It is difficult to spend less than 3-4 hours walking around, and having time to enjoying an ice cream on the plaza by the clock tower. Meet us in the next post, where we finally are in San Pedro de Atacama.

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