We are going home–Denmark

We are flying home from Santiago on the 11th of December 2018, which is exactly 23 months since we left Denmark (the 11th of January 2017). On the 12 of December 2018 we were back in Denmark. My parents (Birgit and Lars) and my grandmother (you can see our arrival in Hamburg here: http://www.lessismore.one/videofromyoutube/) picked us up the Hamburg Airport, Germany. As we arrived at my parents house, the rest of my family was there to greet us. You are the best – love you wlEmoticon-redheart We are going home–Denmark.

IMG_20181212_154215477_thumb We are going home–Denmark  IMG_20181212_202009087_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Yes, we have had hard times during our trip, but mostly we have had good times. The hardest part for me was to not see my family for 23 months. All the adventures a long the way and all the people we have met, have given us memories for life.

Maybe you remember one of these moments? We do!

P7251338_thumb We are going home–Denmark  PA030456_thumb We are going home–Denmark  P2110208_thumb We are going home–Denmark

We still had a little bit of time left before departure… going to the mall – Christmas is here

IMG_20181202_142351638_thumb We are going home–Denmark

IMG_20181202_142525087_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Eating burgers and watching a movie in the cinema – relaxing time

IMG_20181202_145131764_thumb We are going home–Denmark  IMG_20181202_145512969_thumb We are going home–Denmark

We also spend one day exploring Valparaiso – famous for its murals

DSC09920_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Want to see more murals from Valparaiso, check out our post, from when we visited Valparaiso 1 year ago: “Touring Valparaiso – the city of street art”. This time our focus was different. Getting that epic pictures of Valparaiso with one of the classic elevators that Valparaiso is known for.

DSC09933-HDR_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Love to have fun in the streets – enjoying the summer before going home to winter

DSC09895_thumb We are going home–Denmark  DSC09896_thumb We are going home–Denmark  DSC09898_thumb We are going home–Denmark  DSC09900_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Once again we made our own city tour, that would take us to tourist sights and food highlights. Valparaiso is an amazing town to explore on foot, it is almost like a maze, where new murals or viewpoints wait around every corner.

DSC09852-HDR_thumb We are going home–Denmark  DSC09914_thumb We are going home–Denmark  DSC09979_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Passing by the oldest standing structure, a Powder Keg Storage built in 1807 by the Spaniards. It was for storage for gunpowder, that had to be delivered to a battery of canons, that were situated long the coast to repel the English Armada after the Napoleonic Wars.

DSC09867_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Years past by and at the site of the Powder Keg Storage,the Penitentiary Center of Valparaiso was build and operated from 1843-1999, with a capacity to house 400 inmates

DSC09875_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Today the “jail” is a historic monument and a memorial site

DSC09884-HDR_thumb We are going home–Denmark  DSC09879_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Cultural organizations have taken over the buildings and made use of the space

DSC09876_thumb We are going home–Denmark  DSC09878_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Small details are taking your everywhere. Where is the ant taking us? To lunch at Le Pato (the duck)

DSC09911_thumb We are going home–Denmark  DSC09892_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Back to the giant Chilean empanadas – these ones where made of whole wheat wlEmoticon-redheart We are going home–Denmark

IMG_20181129_164918825_thumb We are going home–Denmark  DSC09894_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Spectacular Valparaiso

DSC09868_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Finishing our city tour with Choripan at Kiosko Roca and a “terremoto” at the local bar. “Terremoto” means “Earthquake” in Spanish, so after one of these you get pretty shaken. It is made from pipeño (sweet fermented wine), pineapple ice.cream and grenadine syrup. We did choose to “only” share one, since it is also very filling. If you like cocktails, you sure will like this drink. Highly recommended.

IMG_20181129_190715235_thumb We are going home–Denmark  IMG_20181129_193421235_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Revisiting friends, who helped us getting the van ready for our adventure 1 year ago. First stop, our friends Jorge and Samantha

IMG_20181208_171044499_thumb We are going home–Denmark  IMG_20181208_172128257_HDR_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Together we went for a beer festival. We also made had them for dinner, but Esben forgot to take pictures… sorry, that can happen, when you are in good company. We really hope, that you will get the chance to visit us in Denmark. More beer, queen music and good times. Thank you for everything wlEmoticon-redheart We are going home–Denmark.

IMG_20181208_181602473_HDR_thumb We are going home–Denmark  IMG_20181208_203152875_HDR_thumb We are going home–Denmark

A final stroll on the beach in Viña del Mar

IMG-20181204-WA0007_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Driving back to Santiago

PC020194-Pano_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Second stop Camper Travel!

Camper Travel has had big success the last year, and their business has grown. Victor, who build the cabinet for the electrical cooler, and Hector, who installed the solar panel and battery, are still working here. Great to see you again.

IMG_20181203_172307692_thumb We are going home–Denmark  IMG_20181203_172526584_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Third stop, our friend Alberto!

Alberto has been storing our motorcycle helmets and boots for the last year. You can’t set a value on making friends during your trip, but it is giving and important. Alberto is also helping with the storage of the van until the buyers from Holland arrives. He just became a farther 3 weeks ago – CONGRATULATIONS wlEmoticon-redheart We are going home–Denmark.

IMG_20181201_143027204_thumb We are going home–Denmark  IMG_20181201_144632273_HDR_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Goodbye Lance wlEmoticon-redheart We are going home–Denmark

IMG_20181211_090259859_thumb We are going home–Denmark  IMG_20181211_090727370_thumb We are going home–Denmark

Goodbye South America wlEmoticon-redheart We are going home–Denmark

IMG_20181211_132948703_thumb We are going home–Denmark  IMG_20181212_151707132_thumb We are going home–Denmark


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