Our earlier travels

We have since 2009 spend a lot of time in north america. Before that we have made smaller motorcycle trips to Germany, France, Austria and Italy. Just small 2 week trips on whatever bikes we had at the time and a tent on the back. We rode the Swizz mountian passes and drank wine in shade. But in 2009 we had a chance… 6 months vacationtime and a little money.

We started out buying two DRZ400s motorcycles in july of 2009 and spend the next 6 months exploring united states and western canada. We started out in Minnasota where a very nice man had offered to help us buy and register our bikes.
From there we drove west across South Dakota and Wyoming before speding some time in Colorado and attending a ADVrider rally. Then north to Montana and into Canada. there we started heading west again all the way to Vancouver Island to see the Orca whales.
Then south. Down through wasington, oregon and to California.. Here Camilla’s parent visited for a month and rode with us around California.
The last couple of months we did a large loop all the way passed Nevada and into Arizona and then back to California where we was able to store the bikes.
We saw so much, spend time camping and saw the wildlife
We meet a lot of really nice poeple and we decided that we NEEDED to come back.

In the summer 2010 we came back and had originally planned on riding east from california to see more of Arizona and Utah. But after tripping over a blogpost on ADVRIDER.com about Alaska we ended up riding north. We drove north at the coast until Seattle and from there the long way through Canada until we finally found Alaske and the arctic circle.
During this trip we was lucky to be able to sleep all by ourselves in the large Canadian forest and got to enjoy the midnight sun.
There was so much history about mining and the few brave settlers that many years ago ventured north to try their luck.
And there is no reason to forget the wildlife. Nowhere else have we felt us so close the nature. Being miles from anywhere and seeing both bears and moose, both where we slept and where we drove our little bikes.
It’s a big place up north but its most definitely worth a visit.
It ended up beeing a 7 week trip from San Francisco CA to Alaska and back.

We still wanted to ride east from California where we have been storing the bikes. In the summer of 2011 we spend almost 2 months riding east to Moab in Utah and back. We took it slow and stuck mostly to dirt and tiny backroad. Sometimes having to backtrack the there was no more road to follow. This trip was all about seeing how far from civilization we could get. Staying out in the deserts most of the time and driving from place to place without hitting too much pavement.
We also had one extra job to do. Plan a 3 week family trip the next summer. So we spend time exploring and trying some of the more touristy things like haging out in Las Vegas, river rafting and mountain biking.
It was a really hot trip and totally different than last years cold ride in Alaska.

Camilla’s parents wanted to come back so we arranged a 3 week action packed trip from San Francisco. We drove east and dipped in a hotspring in the Nevada desert. We hiked in Zion National Park both up high to Angels Landing and down low in the deep and narrow canyon. In Moab we got wet when we riverrafted at Green river. We saw the amazing view in Grand Canyon National Park where we spend a whole day hiking. Camilla’s brother even made it all the way down to the Colorado River and back up in a day. (crazy kid).
In Las Vegas to tried drive in a REALLY LONG car (a limo) and saw all the fancy free shows while drinking champagne.
Back on the road we drove through Death Valley in a sandstorm, barely staying on the road. And in Yosemite National Park we hiked and saw the wild animals (mostly squirrels)
Back in San Francisco we played tourists and felt stange being among that many people again.. So it was a really awesome trip and we are so happy we had the chance to show Camilla’s parents not just the easy accesible tourist stuff but also the remote desert wildernes and the of the beaten track places.

This year was mostly about visiting friends. We spend some time dirtbike riding in the Sierra Nevade mountains and sun tanning. But we also snuck in a 2 week ride around northern California. We drove on the forest roads and spend time getting lost but finding our way again.
Our bikes are well worn and one of them broke down. Luckily we met nice people who could help and get us back on the road in no time. While we waited we found the best cupcakes EVER in a small town called Chico.
We always enjoy exploring areas that are special. Like the Lava beds national monument where we could climb down thedark tunnels and caves.
Back south we drove more twisties and turn than ever before. Ending up with sore arms at the campfire at night.
Great little trip. Just way to short.

Here is a bunch of small videos from our motorcycle trips in the United States. It is just one big mess of small clips from several trips. We did a lot of offroad riding so it is mostly of doing some cool riding 🙂

All this and MUCH more about our travels is described in our old blog below. BUT its all in danish. Feel free to browse the old blog and see the pictures.
If you want a english translation (auto google translate) then click on this link.
But be aware…. some of the translations are……lets just say NOT PERFECT


If you would like to read more about us and our earlier travels then you can also check out our old english blog on WWW.ADVRIDER.COM